Moving Slow in a Fast-Paced Life

It’s been my observation that although I live in one of the world’s fastest-paced metropolitan areas, life is not as fast as one would think. Ironically, when I pick up the phone to call the State Department of Education, when I drive the car, or when I order food for delivery, everything crawls at a snail’s pace.

But on the streets and in social settings, no one slows down enough to take the time to notice anything. How about the fresh air? The sunshine? Or greeting someone on the street? It’s quite the contradiction when fast and slow are juxtaposed in the same context in and around NYC.

Sometimes the pace is so fast it is isolating and cold. Other times, it exudes peace.
Sometimes the pace is so fast it is isolating, like being left out in the cold. Other times, it exudes peace.

I’ve been walking fast to get places but have been moving slowly to establish my own social network and friends. That was until yesterday.

Being introverted really surprises most people I know. I think the difference is I can push myself toward outgoing, but I had to learn how. I am a very methodical person, but it has served me well in pursuing those experiences that do not come easy or natural to me. That’s what I finally did when it came to finally attending my very first Meet Up event. As nervous as I was, I knew the benefits far outweighed my fears. I met new people. I laughed. I even met other educators. There were other couples there. I did not want to leave. All at a LGBT Board Game event. Why had I waited so long?

After I did leave, I had a smile. A victorious smile on my face that spelled relief. A personal victory that means now I can really set out to do the things I intend to do. I’m attending a seminar next week solely for gay men: Creating Intentional Rituals for Positive Change. It’s right on track with what I am already accomplishing. My intentions are to put myself out there for employment, for spiritual growth, and for living. It seems to be working. I had one potential employer reach out to me and offer a phone interview for next week. That’s a great feeling…especially after people told me that here you don’t call to follow-up with potential employers after submitting your resume and cover letter.

It’s surely a different world in which I live. One that probably would have been ten times more frustrating and discouraging had I tried to look for work immediately upon moving here. This journey has allowed me to live, learn and truly experience this life.

But it still intrigues me just how slow everything is despite the speed of lightning mentality. Or is it the other way around? That’s one I’m still trying to decipher.