Why Miss Piggy’s Lipstick? The title is bizarre but rings home to me. I am gay, and when I was a child, I dressed up as Miss Piggy on roller skates for the school carnival. That was symbolic of masking my pain while at the same time expressing myself in disguise. Knowing I was gay at a very young age was not easy, and I was bullied daily. It felt safer than revealing the truth. The second piece is the lipstick. I survived living in a cult when I was 21 years old while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oddly enough, as I sang on the streets for money as a “breakthrough activity” for the cult, a couple from my hometown of Dallas, Texas came up and offered help. They wrote my name and number down on a napkin using lipstick. That lipstick turned into a phone call that saved me.

The purpose, though, of this blog is a sort of “how to” and polaroid of my life while on sabbatical. I recently moved to West New York, New Jersey from my native Dallas, Texas with my fiance. I thought a blog would be a fun way to track my journey as I adapt to the East Coast. My fiance is from Manhattan, so it’s nothing new. I wanted to take time to settle in and find my place in this new world. I have spent the past 12 years of my life working as a bilingual teacher and school counselor at the elementary school level. Now, I’m jobless with a Master’s degree in school counseling….by choice. This is my new journey, and who knows what will come next…besides my wedding next year.

One thought on “About”

  1. Awe so nice to learn more about you in your blog. I am truly happy and excited for your new journey. Love seeing your pictures. Wish I had an opportunity to leave in NY for at least a year. Keep enjoying it.

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