My walk started as an internal dance. The grin turned into a smile as my ears buzzed to a remix of Mr. Brightside. Particularly the part when he sang:

Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
Cause I’m Mr. Brightside

(Viewed on

This song really doesn’t have anything to do with my current life when you think about the content of the lyrics. I am not watching my other half with another man, as the song would suggest. But those three lines were speaking loudly to me yesterday afternoon, as I glanced out the windows of the slow-moving light rail in Hoboken and walked off the train toward my destination – FedEx Office to scan my cover letter.

I felt this sudden energy and spirit within that I think I had been doubting. I was so excited and fearless about the possibility of this position for which I was about to apply. So excited that the internal dance busted out into an external one. No, I didn’t actually start dancing, but my spirit did. I erupted into that peaceful smile.

For a while, I had been asking about what it means to hustle for work up here. Well, at this particular moment yesterday in Hoboken, with Mr. Brightside by my side, I realized that destiny is calling. My eager eyes are wide open, and I am in the groove. I feel traction now. I feel that I have nothing to lose. I’m taking chances on positions that I otherwise might not have considered.

This morning offered some more welcoming news. I finally got some solid answers regarding my New York State teaching and counseling certifications. I have been in the process for a year now. A YEAR! And every time I have called or emailed…and called again…to ask why this or that did not transfer from my Texas certificates, or even told that it would but it did not…I got different answers. Or even “I don’t know.” Someone today took the time to slow down and explain the procedures and what was missing…in a way that was clear and streamlined, unlike all the other attempts. Now, I still have about a million hoops to bounce through, but that’s okay because now I KNOW.

Doubt can be a part of a sabbatical, but so is clarity. It’s clear to me that this sabbatical is guiding me in the direction I need to go. I’m here. I’m good. I’m taking risks. And most of all, I have momentum.

Thank you, Mr. Brightside!

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