A Soulful Day at Bear Mountain

If this doesn’t put you in the Thanksgiving mood and immediately pumped up to recite all the moments and experiences you are grateful for, then I don’t know what will. I took a solo day trip to Bear Mountain State Park in New York, only an hour’s drive from our apartment in New Jersey. Despite having traveled extensively around the globe, I have never experienced the quintessential fall foliage on the East Coast. I’ve been like a kid in a candy store because finding these colors in Texas is like trying to spot a hooker in church. It just doesn’t happen like this back in Dallas. Not to this extent. I found myself in awe of the explosion of vivid colors. The red, orange, yellow, burgundy, green, peach, pear, plum…and any other color imaginable. You name it, I saw it. But the colors became more  lively once the mist and rain rolled in. I was stunned and haunted. I explored this magnificent touch of life while hiking THE historical Appalachian Trail. I cherish these moments…where I see the world through my spirited eyes and feet. Two deer encountered me within 10 yards, and they were at total peace with me. And perhaps my  favorite of the day was catching a glimpse of this family walking on the far left amidst the tall grains and toward the angelic sky. I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Bear Mountain Inn Yellow tree Window from tower Tree on left Trail ahead Top of Bear Mountain The Rock Rolling in the field Photographer Leaves Lake with picnic Lake Hudson view Hills with foliage Hills through trees Hills Golden trail back up Golden 2 Golden Foliage on trail Feet Family Fall rainbow of trees Deer 2 Deer 1 bridge

2 thoughts on “A Soulful Day at Bear Mountain”

  1. Beautiful images! I have fond memories of watching a deer family (a doe, two yearlings, and two fawns) on a rock outcropping near the top of Bear Mountain while I was hiking the Appalachian Trail. I smiled at your appreciation of the intensifying of colors after rain; in that setting, I often think of how accurately named the “saturation” attribute is.

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